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Greatly appreciate the time to check about our website. We are confident in our ability to assist you in achieving your objectives, given our experience in Blockchain Development such as Cryptocurrency, Launchpads, Exchanges, Wallets, and Financial Software with support and maintenance services.

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Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain Is The Future



We will create a blockchain on which individuals may introduce and socialize their new digital world by implementing their ideas as assets on the blockchain.


Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks.



We build your dApp from inception to delivery, embracing all development areas. Let us know what you want.


KYC Platform

KYC Blockchain technologies provide transparency and immutability, allowing financial institutions to authenticate the data on the platform's reliability.


Matching Engine

For the exchange to keep its orders and liquidity with the most effective services, we will design high-end financial algorithms with backend programming standards.



  • Trading
  • order books
  • indicators, and charts
  • Basic and Pro Exchange UI Modules


Mobile Apps

Theme Options

You Can Choose Your Mobile App Theme From Thousand Of Our Unique Theme


Tell Us What You Want To Have On Your UI/UX And Customize Your Application


Powerful Code

Use The Best Programming Language That Matches With Your Requesting Software


All The Products Will Receive A User-Friendly Documents


Best Way For Fundraising

Initial Currency Offering

Initial Currency Offering

We can build an ICO platform for the Coin with various pre-sale and private sale ideas. Then an initial currency offering (ICO) will begin for a certain period during which you will conduct crowdsourcing, and you can solicit investors to help this project achieve massive success.

Initial DEX Offering

Initial DEX Offering

Initial DEX offers (also known as IDOs) are another option for a blockchain project to raise cash by offering tokens directly to the public. The fundamental distinction is that the tokens traded in an IDO are housed on a decentralized exchange or DEX compared to previous approaches.

Support And Maintenance


Application Support

Application support and maintenance services are aimed to ensure that applications are highly available, reliable, and relevant to evolving business needs. Since now, you can order full-range support and maintenance services for applications of different types and complexity.

Application support
  • Creating and maintaining detailed information for user self-service
  • Solving basic application usage issues.
  • Fixing application configuration and infrastructure issues.
  • Resolving application issues on the code level.
Application Maintenance
  • Application evolution
  • QA and testing
  • Application performance management
  • Application security management
  • Compliance management

Payment Gateways

Easy and Secure

Payment Gateways

Peer To Peer Platform

We develop a peer-to-peer service, a decentralized platform whereby two individuals interact directly without intermediation by a third party.

Payment gateways

Mobile To Mobile

We can develop a mobile application for fast payment transactions and runtime notifications that implement a complete blockchain mechanism, centralized exchange, and currency converter function.

Meet Our Experts

Oraclez is a group with team members around the world.

We are an ambitious team of researchers,developers with many years of experience in the crypto space.

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